About Us
Michael Millard is a Police Officer for the Salt Lake City Police Department.  He has
worked there for over 1
5 years and worked a year as a Deputy for the Salt Lake
County Sheriff's Office.  In the short time he has been an Officer with Salt Lake City,
he has had his car dented many times, his door bent out several inches, windows
kicked, back seat ripped out of the car and one suspect die after being placed in his
handcuffs and shackles.  These experiences made him realize there has got to be a
better was to deal with combative suspects and prisoners.  

After some research he found the products on the market today are either ineffective
or to cumbersome and complicated, or just too cost prohibitive for every officer, or
car, to have one.  He also realized most complications
, when restraining someone,
comes from the prolonged fight with the suspect.  The key is to have something,
everyone can have
and deploy quickly and effectively with minimal manpower, to end
the confrontation as soon as possible.

He realized there was nothing which was convenient, portable, practical, easy to use,
cost effective and versatile.  Something which can be used inside and outside of the
car.  Safe for the Officer and the Suspect.  Something which would give the Officer the
ability to deal with multiple suspects at the same time with minimal manpower.

After considering his own experiences and those of his fellow Officers, as well as the
IACP policies and decisions from the courts, the "Suspect Safety Sling" was
MJM Restraints